I completed my final first draft of the first section of Axiom.  Submitted it to my editors, who happen to be family.  Received feed back and reworked it into a second draft during the week. 

The one thing that I have found the most surprising is that now that I have put something out there for other people to read and react to,  I have been more open to feed back than I would have believed myself capable.   My feeling is that the 20 year old version of me, hell even the 30 year old progression of the same person, would have fought tooth and nail to retain certain stylistic choices, which probably are questionable at best.  Getting a little older, and maybe just maybe a little wiser, has allowed me to approach this whole process from the readers stand point first and fore most.   The younger writer nearly exists in a state of solipsism, wanting to reader to conform to their approach and not developing the ideas and structure first and fore most from the readers perspective….. 


…and interesting little revelation.