Ir’s Friday and I am Exposed to the World

by beneaththesurfaces

After posting the link to this Blog on Facebook, and upon realizing it has been only full of myopic musings of the writing process to date, I am committing to posting various nonsense I find interesting along with commentary, when appropriate– or possibly inappropriate.  Primarily, this is to create some level of interaction between myself and the world, totally outside of the masturbatory interaction between MSWord and myself.

Tonight”s topic, the concept of Friday Night for someone pushing 40 —

I had always been the type of person to push the limits on a Friday night.  Staying up dancing til well after dawn.  Reading, writing, drinking whilst writing.  At some point over the last five years, I realized I was no longer physically capable of such activities.  I would find myself passing out in a chair at 1am, laptop still in place on my lap… occasionally with a long extinguished cigarette between my fingers (always safely outdoors mind you),   I have been fighting against this for ages now… only to get nothing much useful accomplished between the hours of midnight and 6am, only to wake up at noon, one or even two the next day  totally spent.  This is not a good starting point for a Saturday.

At some point over the last year, it dawned on me that my whole weekend was being compressed by my Friday night activities.  Such that pushing the limits after a busy 50 hour work week on Friday was only leading to a long recovery period on Saturday.    The majority of the time, I would double down on aggressive activities to only render myself totally unable to function come  Sunday morning, which occasionally for me might mean 3pm.

Gawd forbid I make any sort of modifications to lifestyles bases on this insight.  This is the only time, outside of insights about relationships, that I probably can look back and admit I have ever been in a true state of anything resembling denial.   I can’t even explain my displaced emphasis of pushing limits on Friday nights….

Maturity is realizing that there are so many hours in any given week—  and when you realize it might be high time to call it an evening, you probably should do so instead of doing body shoots off of some barmaid who only looked passably attractive a few hours back.  It could even be an entirely different person for all you know.

What is certain is you are probably standing in vomit, you have no idea how you will safely make it home and you have no idea why you continuously do this to yourself.  This is the moment where you stop being ‘fun’ and become a ‘productive’ member of society.

….and on that note, I bid you all a good night