Disjointed Friday

by beneaththesurfaces

            I was asked to give a description of Axiom to someone and was totally flat footed. It is a totally reasonable question, but thus far anyone I discussed this with had only wanted a very general sense of what genre it fell into; never prying deeper.

            Writing a summary of a book is really tricky in that you don’t want to give too much detail. At the same time, you can not say enough, for fear of not painting a detailed enough picture.   Haunting questions such as did I give away all of the plot points or did my summary leave an impression that this was some boring work of science fiction that the non-science fiction fan can not connect with?  It’s a fine line.  I have read many summaries of a book on the back cover that either totally misrepresented what I was going to read or on the opposite extreme, gave away too much information so that it read as if it was a summary of the entire book- leaving me with nothing after later digesting hundreds of pages.

            I want to think of it as a totally unique premise that has to be experienced and can not be concisely summarized.  This is probably totally inaccurate as I haven’t read everything under the sun and someone is bound to think it resembles something else.  All I am left with is describing what it is not.  It is not a vampire love story, although some characters as soul suckers.  It is not hard science fiction, probably.  There are no zombies, sorry. It could never be labeled as cyber punk, even with the social commentary interwoven.   

We’re just going to go with the following for now:


Axiom is defined as a premise so self evident as to be accepted without question.  What if what was occurring outside of our periphery, though having little to no impact on our day to day lives, would have a huge impact on our destiny as a species?    In the tradition of many great science fiction authors who attempted to expand our world view with ideas of “what if,” Axiom takes you on a journey of a world that might and probably needs to exist Beneath the Surface soon; lest humanity will leave no long lasting mark on this Universe.

Unlike other tales, this will story will not be told from the stand point of readers who are familiar with science fiction. Instead it will be focused on bringing the reader “up to speed” at the start of the journey.