Cold Arctic Air

by beneaththesurfaces

The cold Arctic air has started descending upon Buffalo.  I am looking forward to this winter as activities that occur outside of the home become limited, affording me plenty of time to focus on the 500 or so pages I would like completed by the thaw.  Never mind that it will be nearly spring weather again by the end of the week.  That will just be fleeting.

The meeting with “my editors” went a little too well.  Yes, as any reader of the blog will know, I produce quite a few grammatical errors on a rather alarming consistent rate.  It is one aspect of myself that I always thought to be endearing.  I provided the same text to my brother who was going on a trans-Atlantic flight, that I had provided to these editors.  As we were going through each page, line by line, I kept imagining him trapped on an airplane with this as his only source of entertainment.  Poor planning on his part, yes.   I couldn’t help but feel bad for him none the less. For him,  In memory of that harrowing experience he had, I will strive to make more of an effort going forward,

Sadly, beyond the gramatical errors, only a few items need to be changed.  I say sadly because the first part of Axiom is closer to being completed than I had anticipated. Pasts two and three are so closely married together that it has become difficult to finish one, with out finishing the other.  They combined equal a short novel in their own right.

Getting a little more regimented in my process is the only solution I came up with.  Better time utilization is something we all need to do in order to fit everything in to our busy lives.