To Orion in a Bathtub

by beneaththesurfaces

Ir’s a little depressing that after 60 or so years, the Orion capsule is pinocle of space program.  I envision this as nothing more than an Apollo capsule on steroids; sympathizing with the future astronauts who will have to spend months aboard. Part of me realizes that this reaction stems from a desire to rush  more quickly into a future already imagined. Science fiction geeks, me in particular, need to take a step back and understand that humanity has only just taken its first steps in what will hopefully be a grand journey.

If the goal is to get a human to Mars, just to do it- with little or no secondary mission objectives, the Orion will do the job. The American people have other things on their minds than a broader dream.   It is our job as writers to inspire these dreams.  At the same time, we provide an escape from the day to day concerns which ultimately bog down humanities will to get bigger things done.  A slippery slope.