DAY 57 – Change in Focus to Things which are going Right

by beneaththesurfaces

Dear Diary,

Upon further reflection, with a tad bit of denial mixed in, I am opting to take the high road and cease obsessing about organizational incompetence.  Life is far to short to get bogged down in ultimately meaningless minutia.  One way or another, my relationship with corporate America is nearing the end of it course.  Further analysis is unproductive…  and I am rather annoyed with myself for getting bogged down these last six or seven weeks, both mentally and emotionally.

The only bone I have left to pick with the world as a whole is a perception that the lack of a finished piece of literature on my part is perceived as “writers block.” This blog entry is probably totally lost on its target audience, as for some reason they do not read it. I do not suffer from writers block…  the closest I come to that sort of state is my poor utilization of free time. This can always be traced back to a declined ability in letting the negative day in and day out shit that we all go through, get shed and washed off of me when I have an abundance of free time.  If anything, I have the opposite of writers block; whereas I have an over abundance and methods of execution of ideas and characters. I unfortunately do not suffer from hypergraphia, so that the vast majority do not get captured in any organized fashion.

Hell or high water, 2014 will be the Year of R.A. Smith. Axiom is half done.  I have two collections of short stories that will get released long before Axiom is complete.  Vice will probably end up being the first, as its the most therapeutic for my person.  “The one that has yet to find a name” is fully formed and just requires a little tender love.   Those that have read the core story have echoed my reaction in that it needs to be expanded into a novel in its own right.

What I want most for Christmas, is an editor who will stay the course.  Applications will be accepted.  That is all 🙂