81 Words Part II

by beneaththesurfaces

Two more…  because, why the hell not?  I find the whole experiment to be horribly restrictive. This might be a necessary evil–  not entirely sure.  I lean more toward 188 words being effective for this sort of thought/writing experiment.



Jake stared at the assortment of passports which partially covered the 9mm on the bed. He hated guns. “One last score,” she had promised, as she left the hotel. The proximity to the airport would guarantee a quiet escape, she promised; though the incessant noise had kept him awake those last two nights. The femme fatale allure had worn thin, and though he enjoyed the rewards, he knew inside she would never walk way. It was time to go it alone.



A quarter of a bottle of scotch remained; his resolve deflated as he stared at the incomplete text. His attentions had been divided by the modern vices that never encumbered the greats of the past, Twain, Hemingway, whothefuckever. Sounds, tweets, drunken rants posted by friends across the interwebs and joined by his own inebriated observations.

He looked between the near blank Word document and to the sad remains of his bottle. Empty and near empty; happily one could be refilled tonight.