81 Words

by beneaththesurfaces

81 Words is an interesting writing exercise.  Andrew Flynn pointed me in this direction.  His first book 188: MICRO-STORIES FOR YOUR MACRO-BRAIN is a collection of stories, each 188 words long.   Although I have yet to read it, I find the idea very interesting from a writers perspective.  Even if you even suspect you might have been bitten by the muse, and would like to try your hand at writing, I would urge you to try it out.

It should be noted…  the writers on the site are strangely, how should I put this, hmmm….  well they’re bad. The only conclusion I can reach is that the owners haven’t correctly reached their intended audience over the first four months of operations

My first two submissions are below:

Morning After

She started fully awake, her nude form awash with sweat. The moon’s meager light outlined his now still form beside her. The night before came back slowly; a club somewhere, her friends danced, laughter, drinks, sweat, she danced, more drinks. She had met this man lying beside her, his face came into focus in her head. She wondered why the sweat between her fingers was thick and sticky. As she licked her lips, the taste of iron danced on her tongue.

Saturn V

A safe distance away, under the hot muggy Florida sun, we watched the rocket rise off in the distance, long before we heard the roar of her engines.  I looked up at my father, a smile beaming on his face, his eyes transfixed on the spectacle. In that moment, a feeling of absolute contentment settled over my twelve year old soul. We were here together now, watching history unfold before our very eyes. Everything that happened before, was of no importance.