…just passing though…

by beneaththesurfaces

Tonight’s blog entry is brought to you by half a bottle of vodka; which though a rather vague unit of measurement, will have to suffice. Let’s just say we’re all “cool and froody” at this point in the evening. “You mean everything’s under control?”  He looks around, shaking his head dismissively.  “No, that would not be cool and froody.”

I’ve always loved that portion of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Everything spiraling out of control, yet the dialog remains very focused and in control.  That is how I imagine each and every one of us lives our lives day in and day out.  Though it might not necessarily be a reality, this is the world I choose to live in.


Airwave” by Rank 1

Some day I hope to have a writing project, whose appeal is wide enough to necessitate an obscene bidding war for the movie rights.  I have no interest in personal financial gain, but would like to be in a position to buy the total world wide rights to this track—to be placed in said project. In my mindspace, Danny Boyle directs the flick; as I have no one else better to choose at this point.

Unlike the theme music to the last few Boyle movies, I find this track to be rather optimistic and uplifting. Sunshine was fucking wonderful, but that is not my scene.   In my minds eye (*sigh*) I write uplifting scenarios. I find the ultimate sacrifice, of ones life for the sustained future of humanity, to be utterly ridiculous.  The theme results in somewhat passable art, but falls short of what science fiction should be.

We need to challenge the viewer/reader to imagine where we can go in the near future.  What did Gravity do to expand our imaginations? Nothing.

Danny, if you’re reading this, the manuscript is almost done (looks over the note spread across his desk, and has no idea how this could be a reality).  Let’s do lunch, or some shite.