Lets Not Shit Ourselves

by beneaththesurfaces

LETS NOT SHIT OURSELVES – We all spend quite a bit of time lying to ourselves on a plethora of topics.  What we have accomplished…  what we are trying to accomplish… what we plan on accomplishing in the near and the distant future.

I read an article earlier in the week about cognition and our interpretation on past shit.  It turns out, in the final analysis, we all probably live in a fantasy world.  Okay, cool… I’m alright with that as it is pretty consistent with my experienced reality thus far.  My only issue with this idea is that it’s a lot like the moment the curtain slips on Oz, revealing him to be not being the Almighty, but instead the weak person that lies underneath each and everyone of us. Once the idea that there is a potential, a chance that your brain might remember the past in a massively divergent way than the manner in which events actually occurred, it interrupts the narrative you had running behind the scenes…  a story line you created.

This leave quite a bit in doubt….. probably best not to dwell on such things.


Have you ever read Julian Jaynes?  It’s alarming how little our insight to the idea of consciousness has progressed since the 1970s. Jaynes’ ultimate conclusion might be… hmm…  a little out there- but he poses quite a few questions that still remain unanswered 40 years after the fact.  Sadly, 90% of what he put out there hasn’t been refuted to this day—–  and we should find that very disturbing because who in the fuck wants to live in that narrative?