Random Friday

by beneaththesurfaces

While the wife putters for the next 45 minutes- getting ready for Valentine’s Date Night 1, I thought I’d spend a few moments babbling here to pass the time…

An official apology to the participants at 81Words.  My previous post regarding the ‘suckiness’ of the work I found on the site was meant to include any work I posted on there as well.  It is my personal opinion, that all micro-literature sucks, because I  need to get something when I interact with a piece of work.  In short, I  suck. I’ve had this exact same issue with being able to sit down and enjoy a short story, since before I can even remember.  To some extent, I am rehabilitating myself very slowly from this (probable) self inflicted state. Hugh Howey’s short story Wool is the first positive experience I have had with the form– and that is as a result of not allowing myself to need a complete world built before me–  an inability to enjoy a perfectly painted image of just one moment. I always demanded more….

And to put this in this in a little context of who I am–  albeit a slightly different circumstance- One evening, after a local art festival featuring everything from crafts you would find in the basement of a church rummage sale attended by two or three people to opuses being presented by established regional artists, a friend and I were drifting around the bars in the surrounding area.  My friend starts chatting up this girl, who is the girl friend of one of the regional artists.  It was a painful 30 minutes as he is convinced that he has some way in there–  which he didn’t– listening to this girl go on and on about her boy friend’s art– which was kind of silly and abstract– using descriptive terms that didn’t really fit the genre he painted– name dropping left and right to impress….  The only thing that kept me planted in that spot for the duration were the four to eight drinks I had previous and the fact that he was my ride home.

At some point, she started speaking in cliches about art as a whole-  which though true was annoying as hell… because it was nothing new and I was getting aggravated.  The specifics of what occurred next have only been relayed to me by my friend–  as I don’t remember the finite details.  What I do remember- after being silent for the proceeding 30 minutes of his failed courtship and her press release, was a lecture I gave her entitled–  ALL ART IS SHIT.  After being silent for 30 minutes, I laughed at something some what ridiculous she said and uttered those words.   She was stunned, primarily because this guy who was not an active participant, suddenly burst onto the scene, ranting these contrarian objections to everything (I  guess) she held near and true.  She let me go on and one for a full 15 minutes until she stormed off.

I don’t think All Art Is Shit.  I didn’t 15 years ago when that occurred and I don’t believe that now.   What I know to be true is that some of the things I do and say are a bit heavy handed–  for the sake of being heavy handed.  In the case with the artist’s girlfriend, I said what I did to vent the frustration of being stuck in that environment…  especially with fangirls who put a little too much stock in the beau’s work…

In terms of what I said about the works on 81Words, I was both frustrated with the restrictions it put on both the ideas in my head..  in addition to the restrictions I felt in some of the works…  BUT primarily the restrictiveness I felt as a reader.

That last bit, the largest bit, is on me.