Friday Phrases Compelation

by beneaththesurfaces

I am posting this here, partly so I do not have to dig through two months of Twitter posts, but also to share my contribution to Friday Phrases to date in one spot.  Friday Phrases describes itself as such:

“On Fridays, we Tweet & RT 140-character stories, poems, story prompts, chain stories & other microfiction gems! Join in w/the #FP hashtag! (Not for book promo.)”

Micro-ficton is tricky to produce, which is why I have difficulty enjoying the genre. Below are my  submissions from newest to oldest–


He had always handled her with kid gloves. She burned both too hot and cold to the touch. He looked down at his freakishly small hands.


The sun cast its first light on the wreckage scattered all around. “We’re still alive to pick up the pieces,” she said with a smile.


She looked into his now vacant eyes, sighed deeply. “Where has the time gone?” She closed his eyes, closed the long chapter. Over at last.


Image in the mirror looks weary. Still burning mix CDs and now have purchased his first ear wax removal kit. I got old, he says out loud.


The sun chased the night away. A new day, like a dream, pregnant with hope, full of potential. A fresh slate, if only we could forget.


He looked at his hands, devices of great potential, creation The blood drips from these, his interface to the world. Only ruin emanate


No more checking Gmail incessantly ever five minute, waiting the notification that the purchase had been completed. The day the web died.


He awakens,”So many things to hate about his world,”dwelling on the day ahead. Gazing over her slumber form he smiles, “So much to love”


Coffee, second pot Speeds, the senses the drink dulled Pen in hand, begin