Friday Babblin

by beneaththesurfaces

3:45 in the morning… last call in Buffalo is 4.  If you’re at home, you extend it to whatever you want it be.

My beta readers, who have proofed several works are all pissed at me for not publishing them. To some extent they are correct in that I need to put some of this shite out there.  But there is a bit of a method to my madness.

I suspect they believe that I have hit some sort of writers block– and from the stand point of being stuck, they are wrong.  My main issue is a lack of routine. I probably could have finished a novel in the time I have wasted over the last four months.  At this point, I am still struggling to find a balance between time spent freaking out about my work life, time freaking out about my private life and time I just need to shut down and putter (i.e. doing fuck all but surfing the webs, posting snarky shit on twitter).

Recently I summarized what I am working on in a Word.doc in order to stay a little bit focused.  Since taking a bit of a break on AxIoM, I have been on a bot of a short story writing spree.  What I want to do is release them three at a time- but there is always one fucking story of the three that is giving me trouble.  At this point, based on my count I am concurrently working on 11 short stories…  and plugging away at three separate novel ideas.

My issue is a lack of focus on one specific project…  which is probably a huge failing.   But at this pace, I’ll release three or four compilations of short stories between now and the summer. Either the whole thing falls flat or it will be like a fire hose.  No in between with me 😉