…I Don’t Venture Often into Political Discourse..

by beneaththesurfaces

I no longer venture very far into political discourse; though when I do, I am hell bent of WORLD DOMINATION.

In my early and mid twenties, I became rather active in local politics. At an early age, I became part of “inner circles” of two political campaigns, one for a state justice position and the other for a congressional campaign.  In both instances, I learned the same lesson.  Regardless of passionately you feel about your beliefs and no matter how small the office, politics in America is a machine. You either have the support of the local politburo or you face a uphill battle. To garner such support you either have had to have drinks with the party boss every other weekend, have had shit on him/her or other such nonsense.

The one take away is as follows.  You go big or go home.  You have a huge cash reserve, enough so that the incumbents wife is sucking your dick in a coat room- or you don’t even bother to throw your hat in the ring. As much as I hate to say it now, as bat-shit crazy as he was, the Ross Perot model is road that would need be traveled down in order to create any sort of long changing in America.  Sure you can suck the party bosses dick, not rock the boat with you views and get elected.  But then what mother fucker?  You’ve just become part of the machine… and that is not what you thought you’d be when you grew up.  Back in the day when you still had ideas, ideals- a soul. Sure you’re getting a check… and maybe some day that party boss will let you run for a higher office…..   But that’s not why you got into this racket, right?

And we all agree it’s a racket, right?

Find something else you’re good at….. build up the wealth…  circle back to this dream of making a “difference” when you have the ability to skull fuck your opposition at will.  Just make a strong attempt to keep the bat-shit crazy thoughts inside your head– and not in the press– at least until after the election.

Good Night… and good luck…